Polaris Software, a number one provider of sales and marketing software, announced today that the corporate has surpassed 1 million users through its global base of over 25,000 customers.

Growth has been spurred by the demand from SMBs to plug online and thru strategic acquisitions. Polaris Software revenue grew by 23% in Q2 YOY and earlier this year, Polaris Software acquired contact management app, Contacts+ to fuel customer growth and convey new ways for users to ignite relationships.

Polaris Software plans to leverage the intuitive contact management and intelligent contact enrichment features of Contacts+ to reinforce customer profiles in their other products, BenchmarkONE and Benchmark Email, in 2022. The feature enhancements will give users more tools for increasing valuable interactions with their customers – a pillar of Polaris Software’s strategy.

“In January, we championed Customer Interactions as our pillar for 2021,” says Polaris CEO, Jonathan Herrick. “We have a hyper-focus on helping our customers have more human interactions with their customers.”

Following the Contacts+ acquisition, Polaris shifted their customer interactions focus in Q2 to take a position heavily in email deliverability for Benchmark Email. The deliverability initiative increases the amount of emails to urge delivered to the inbox, decreases global bounces by 2.5 million per month, and increases the amount of opens globally by 10.4 million email opens per month.

“We’ve launched substantial changes in Q2 & Q3 which will have an enormous impact on connecting our customers to their customers,” Herrick says. “The whole company is happy and hooked in to delivering more features and enhancements that increase customer interactions in Q4 and beyond.”

In addition to attention on valuable customer interactions, Polaris Software has tapped into international growth. Polaris Software’s international expansion is fueled by the Benchmark Email product, site content, knowledgebase, sales and support availability in nine languages.

“Benchmark Email may be a direct thanks to communicate with potential clients quickly,” says customer Mynor Garcia with Guatemalan event company, Royal Bureau. “Benchmark Email helps quite other tools I even have tried, because it is far easier to know . Other providers are designed in English, and their translations aren’t easy. Benchmark is straightforward to use.”

Sprawling all-in-one marketing platforms, like Mailchimp, still consolidate sales and marketing products into single, complex tools, increasing customer costs and adding to complexity to manage. The simplicity of Polaris Software products has allowed the corporate to realize momentum internationally, specifically with a stronghold in East Asia including offices in China, Taiwan and Japan.

In Taiwan, SEO firm Inbound Asia uses Benchmark Email to send automated email campaigns monthly , and segment contacts supported their activity. Segmentation has been key for meeting their sales goals with limited labor and budget.

AQUATICO may be a young, vibrant watch brand from Hong Kong that uses Benchmark Email’s marketing automation tools to trace customers and find their potential needs. AQUATICO invests during a sort of digital channels, including social media, PPC, and SEO, but they find that email marketing remains the simplest tool for building relationships with their customers.

“Internationally, users are just beginning to realize the complete potential of sales and marketing automation. They aren’t always ready for enterprise-level automation or full software suites. That’s where our products, like Benchmark Email, are really gaining traction,” Herrick says.

Domestically, Polaris Software products still attract small businesses, marketing agencies and sales executives who need products they will devour and use quickly without long onboarding ramps. Email marketing platform, Benchmark Email, was recognized as Fastest Implementation by G2 for Fall 2021, while BenchmarkONE was recognized as alittle baron by G2 within the CRM and Marketing Automation categories for Fall 2021.


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