Clipchamp’s central goal has consistently been to enable everybody to recount to stories worth sharing. A large number of individuals all throughout the planet use Clipchamp to make recordings and enhance their accounts. Clipchamp is known to be a client driven, item drove organization; the group burns through their enthusiasm and effort in seeing how to make video creation simpler.

More people and companies use videos to drive marketing, sales, company training objectives, the list is endless. In a hybrid working world, the use of videos is not plainly restricted to the creator economy. A growing interest in videos will lead to new innovations in video technologies and video editing tools allowing even non regular users to create, edit and build high quality videos of their choice to suit different personal or professional needs.

Videos are being used by enterprise businesses to pitch ideas and further communication objectives. As the use of videos increases across functions and areas, now is a good time for video software makers to deepen their capabilities and grow their audience base and reach with the right integrations.

Clipchamp’s acquisition by Microsoft will make the Clipchamp software suitable for the Microsoft Windows customer base, expanding the company’s horizon.

This acquisition announcement by Microsoft follows Adobe’s recent acquisition of, a software that has been used by over a million people since it’s founding in 2014. Clipchamp’s features are meant to enable users at home, work or even schools.’s video platform is aimed more at creative professionals.

Creating a Win-win for Video

Microsoft is a legacy brand, while Clipchamp exits their’s startup journey with this acquisition, it will open new doors for further innovation and expand their global reach. Storytelling is becoming more crucial in the world market and video tools and software can boost the way non professionals and creators capitalize on these efforts. Since its founding, Clipchamp has attracted millions of users and served over 300,000 companies.


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