After years of anticipation, fifth-generation wireless technology is finally – albeit slowly – becoming a reality. And while 5G networks are not yet widely available, most media and marketing experts believe they will eventually transform the way entertainment, sports and news are produced, distributed and consumed. Fully realized 5G networks will usher in a variety of new options for streaming content, live events, games and other high-quality immersive and interactive experiences. They will also open the door to new models of personalized marketing and advertising.

What Exactly is 5G Tech?

By now you’ve probably heard 5G mentioned in passing, in a commercial or in an article, but a lot of the news has focused on its features, so it’s not surprising if you’re not sure what 5G actually entails. Well, 5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks, surpassing our current 4G – better known as LTE – network connection.
This new wireless network technology will transform various business operations from communicating with consumers to storing and analyzing data by attaching new antennas to established cell towers, utility poles and smart buildings. These physical changes will create faster connections that will allow companies to offer their solutions and services at a competitive price and enable more efficient big data analysis, among other business benefits.

Is 5G service available everywhere now?

5G is only available in a limited number of metro areas around the world, and much of that is still in the interim. Because 5G service will require significant infrastructure changes and rely on consumers to purchase new hardware, it will take some time before it becomes ubiquitous. Businesses looking to embrace 5G should expect a hybrid 4G LTE/5G environment in the near future.

How are media, entertainment, and marketing companies preparing for 5G?

They are taking a variety of approaches including understanding future needs, exploring new creative formats, expanding their mobile video capabilities, pursuing strategic partnerships, and evaluating their data collection practices and database needs. Several communications and media conglomerates have partnered with wireless carriers to test the technology, showcase potential applications and explore new revenue models.

Business Benefits of 5G Tech

Faster Internet speeds, more traffic, and seamless technology integration are just a few of the business benefits. Here are some other benefits that could prompt your business to invest in and prioritize 5G technology:

Smart IoT Devices: As the number of IoT devices is expected to increase with the release of 5G speeds, IoT-focused enterprises can expect this highly anticipated network to significantly impact IoT devices by enhancing infrastructure diagnostics systems and data insights ; Both strengthen an organization’s infrastructure and reduce the vulnerability of those devices, which are known to be more vulnerable to cyber threats like cryptojacking.

Network Slicing: The variety of applications and new services of new technologies from businesses and consumers requires a flexible network that can provide a better user experience. With 5G technology, companies can create multiple virtual networks with just one physical system. This network slicing can help companies deploy an end-to-end virtual system that includes not only networking but also compute and storage functions. With 5G connections, your business can offer consumers a more seamless experience.

Multi-access edge computing: Powered by 5G technology, multi-access edge computing helps reduce network congestion for your organization, even when supporting hundreds of devices simultaneously. This cloud-based network architecture can not only reduce website congestion but also boost overall website performance. In addition to processing large amounts of data and providing real-time results, multi-access edge computing also protects user data through local computing compared to a centralized network currently in use.
While not yet available, there are several reasons why your tech company should start investing in 5G connectivity. Contact Mondo today and we can match you with highly skilled specialists across our exclusive network to help you get the most out of 5G.


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