Technology is the field that has picked up the most pace in recent years. This area has advanced to the point where almost every human has some kind of gadget they use on a daily basis.

Technology has also entered the industry of healthcare, and it is slowly but surely changing it for the better. This also covers medical and research laboratories.

If you are running a laboratory, you should take a look below and check out various software tools that all modern laboratories need. However, this article is not just for laboratory owners, as some of these tools should also concern laboratory staff.

LIS software

This software solution is gaining popularity among modern labs due to its comprehensive and agile functionalities package.

LIS software solutions encompass all the modules a modern medical laboratory should have if it needs to conduct high-volume diagnostic testing with the best possible efficiency and performance.

So, what benefits exactly do you get to enjoy with it? 

Here are some of the most important benefits of using good lab information system software:

  1. Tracking samples in real-time. LIS software automates the process of sample management when the sample is collected and bar-coded. This enables the technician to track samples in real-time.
  2. Saving a significant amount of time. A good LIS software has a unique batch sheet-based sample tracking model. It assigns a bar code to an entire batch of samples which are transferred to the processing center.
  3. Logistics. LIS software can help you manage logistics better. Features in this software assign unique barcodes to each sample and notify the processing centers as soon as the samples are registered at the collection center.
  4. Increases revenue. The tool has a dashboard that can make financial, operational, inventory, test, and lab-based reports available in custom formats. An effective lab information system aids lab owners to mine data, crunch numbers, as well as create trends and projections to track metrics and maximize revenues.

Data warehouse

If you manage to grow your lab, you will encounter times where you just have too much data on your hands. That is the time to analyze all the data in an efficient way.

This can be done with the help of a good data warehouse, but how do you figure out how much it will all cost? 

When it comes to data warehouse pricing, you should factor in infrastructure pricing, opportunity costs, and more. But when you choose the option that will satisfy your lab’s needs, you can rest assured that every penny you invest will be worth it. 

When you incorporate a data warehouse at your lab, you get to enjoy quite a few important benefits:

  1. Centralized data. Cloud technology allows labs to partake in immense computing processes without the cost and complexity of running onsite server rooms.
  2. Data sovereignty. Thanks to the exceeding regulatory requirements, the need for cloud computing in lab environments has become important. Compliant research, through audit trials and other measures, is required to verify that the data is truthful and unaltered.
  3. Data safety. All of the data stored through this technology is encrypted. There are little to no chances of online theft or data loss. As a matter of fact, it is said that there are higher chances of a fire bursting out in a storage room than something bad happening to the data stored online.


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