Danish portable gaming fire up Multiscription has tied down additional subsidizing in its excursion to offer an elective way to deal with existing allowed to-play advertising and adaptation. The new speculation of €800,000 was driven by Sisu Game Ventures, with extra financing from Sweden’s Tigrim and The Danish Growth Fund, the state-supported, autonomous asset which puts resources into Danish new companies. Two of Multiscription’s Angel financial backers likewise added to the round.

Multiscription is the company behind Unleashd – a unique subscription service that gives mobile games publishers a novel take on free-to-play (F2P) monetization without cannibalizing their existing revenue streams. Free-to-play publishers have the opportunity to add their games to the larger Unleashd subscription catalogue, with every game offering unique in-game benefits, plus an experience free of disruptive advertising as part of a single subscription fee.

The investment is crucial to Multiscription’s growth plans and allows the company to expand the technical team behind the Unleashd platform, as well as grow the developer relations team tasked with onboarding new developers and adding their games to the portfolio.

Following its initial announcement of Unleashd and the whole concept of a subscription app for F2P games, the service was soft-launched on Android in November. The app is available on the Google Play store and includes an initial seven games, with more slated to be added in the coming months as part of the build-up to the full launch later this year.

“The data we see just from the soft-launch of Unleashd confirms that subscription-based gaming for F2P titles has huge potential. This new funding will allow us to scale up quickly as we aim to launch the fully-featured Unleashd service before the end of the year,” said Teis Mikkelsen, Co-Founder and CEO of Multiscription. “I’m grateful for the ongoing support from our existing investors and am thrilled that they and our new investors see the same opportunity for subscriptions to change the mobile games industry as we do.”

Unleashd relies on improving free-to-play monetization rather than disrupting existing monetization methods. Because in-app purchasing and advertising have already been refined and integrated into the game design to provide the best experience to the players, Unleashd’s uniquely designed subscription layer works alongside existing monetization models.

Publishers joining the service are still able to offer rewarded ads and in-app purchases. Unleashd provides an opportunity to create a host of exclusives for subscribers, spanning anything from unique power-ups, boosts or in-game items to events and in-game content. So far, more than sixty-five games from over forty publishers have signed up to be part of Unleashd.


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