You ’re probably cognizant of the benefits both SEO and PPC blitzes can have for your business, but do you understand just how important they’re when used together?
Some marketing administrators believe targeting keywords using both cannibalises your organic SEO expenditures. Instead of allowing your keywords to rank naturally, you ’re using paid hows to contend for the same keywords.
Notwithstanding, do n’t fall into the trap of supposing you have to pick one or the other. When using both, you can prompt a mutually profitable relationship, stoking your quest motor results runners (SERPs) shots and gathering further data points for unborn business resolutions. Besides creating further brand stamps and shots for engagement, the sapience that you gain from paid rises about following and vital words serve as a stripe of request probe for your organic SEO.

Keep reading to understand how you can integrate SEO and PPC to prompt successful movements for your business.

Search Incrementality

The concept of search incrementality suggests that combining paid and organic marketing techniques can help your business gain more traffic and, ultimately, sales. First published by Melissa Mackey in 2009, paid search incrementality – or the 1+1=3 method – states that when using SEO and PPC separately, each provides one visitor to your site. However, when combined and used congruently, SEO and PPC produce a halo effect that provides three visitors to your company’s site.

Even though paid ads will take some clicks from organic rankings, the two together produce more incremental traffic than using one on its own. Besides increased traffic and sales, there are other reasons search incrementality could boost your digital marketing efforts. The combination of the two allows you to better define your audience, test content ideas, and qualify leads.


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