Building organic reach on social media can be very difficult. There is very high competition between brands and companies on social media platforms. In addition, each platform works with its own algorithm.
Achieving desired results with organic practices is difficult, but not impossible. Several brands have achieved their goals organically with the right social media strategies. In this blog, we will tell you the 6 most effective ways to organically increase your reach on social media.

Choose the right platforms to market your brand

Brands and companies are present on multiple social media platforms today. Choosing the right platform is the first step to getting the social media reach you want. It is also not mandatory to have an account on every social media channel. Each social media platform follows an algorithm that represents how content appears in your newsfeed.
In order to increase your organic reach on social media, it is important to understand how the algorithm works for each social media platform. Finally, the algorithm determines how the content appears in your audience’s feeds. So make sure you choose your marketing platforms wisely.

Encourage user-generated content

UGC works like peer reviews for your brand. The more users share your content, the greater your chances of improving your organic reach.
You can start hashtag campaigns. Create a new hashtag for your brand. Then you can ask your audience to post content featuring your brand or products. It is very important to also include the campaign hashtag in the captions.
Create rewards-based UGC campaigns where you can reward content with your brand or products with a price, or simply add their content to your feed. This will help generate better reach for your brand on social media.

Conduct live streaming sessions

Live streaming of content can be very helpful in increasing organic reach on social media. Live video is a great way to push for real-time engagement.
Live video is interactive, which helps improve your brand engagement to a large extent. The better the engagement, the more exposure your content will get. Running interactive live streams where you can compel your audience to react and comment is the trick to boosting your organic social media strategy.

Monitor your content performance with analytics tools

Use a social media analytics tool like Unbox Social to get key insights and information about your content. You can use this tool to monitor your reach and engagement on social media platforms.
With the help of the tool, you can track all the key metrics like reach, impressions, follower growth, and engagement rate. With this social media analysis tool you can collect important data about your social media activities. Look at your most popular content posts to understand which aspects of your content the audience liked. You can follow a similar strategy for your future content posts as well. Aside from the above metrics, Unbox Social also gives you detailed insights for audience analysis.

Stalk your competitors

What better way to reach your audience than through your competitors? Monitoring competitors can give you insight into the content they share, which industry leaders they interact with, which social platforms they invest the most time in, and most importantly, who follows them. You can see what works – and what doesn’t – before testing it on your own networks.
You can also monitor your competitors directly from some social networking platforms. Add competitors to your Pages to Watch with Insights on Facebook, create Twitter lists and use LinkedIn’s competitor analysis tool. For the most in-depth analysis on a social network, invest in a third-party social listening tool (e.g. Sprout Social, Hubspot, Oktopost).

Create questions and polls

Twitter chats aren’t the only way to ask questions of new and current followers. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram also allow you to post certain polls and questions. Although LinkedIn and Pinterest don’t have specific features for creating a poll, you can still ask open-ended questions. Formatting your posts this way shows that you want to hear from your followers and care about their opinions.
Questions and polls not only give your audience another way to engage with your content, but also to assess their interests, behaviors, and areas of activity. They also bring variety to a social media landscape where posts can often be repetitive.


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