Marketing and software agency Adlava announced a partnership with Treasure Island Hotel & Casino to rebuild their consumer-facing casino player portal, the TI Players Club. Adlava designed a seamless dashboard that clearly displays important information like points, promotions, and events, making it a smooth user experience and helping Treasure Island retain visitors.

Partnering with such a large and well-known establishment meant having a heavy amount of content to work with. Creating a flawless experience was of utmost importance in helping Treasure Island to grow their traffic and maintain their reputation as one of the best places to visit on the Las Vegas Strip. “It was exciting to design something for such a well-known brand and to know that many people will be interacting with and using it. I’m glad that we were able to help improve the customers’ experience,” says Amanda Hernando, Lead Designer.

To successfully complete this project, Adlava prioritized three key things:

  • Keeping content concise and easy to navigate.
  • Placing the most relevant features front and center.
  • Staying true to Treasure Island’s iconic branding and colors.


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