The content you create and publish has the power to ensure your success and that is why publishing engaging and original content is the ultimate goal of any professional content marketer. It’s no secret that the digital world has changed enormously in the last ten years. We are truly live in a mobile video content world. Throughout the day, people use mobile devices to search for employers, restaurants, products to buy, and more.
One of the biggest changes affected the video. The rise of video has transformed the way digital brands can deliver messages. It has also changed how customers prefer to receive them. Let’s explore the importance of video content marketing. It will likely only grow if current trends continued.

1. People love watching videos

According to the study cited earlier, 96% of people have watched explainer videos about products or services. Additionally, people spend an average of about 16 hours per week watching online videos. That means an increase of 52% in the last two years. This clearly shows that people absolutely love watching videos.
People also want to see branded content. About 86% of respondents said they would like to see more videos from brands in 2020. For this reason, many brands add video to their content strategies.

2. Video humanizes your brand

Videos are captivating and entertaining at the same time. That’s why people prefer to see them in the first place.
When asked how people would like to learn about a product or service, nearly 66% of them said they would rather watch videos. This was in stark contrast to 18% of people who preferred text content.
But why?
One of the main reasons for this is time pressure. In today’s fast-paced world, people are often under time pressure. According to a survey, 73% of people had less time to research and read online. But 51% of them were happy with a 5-20 minute video for it.

3. Video improves your conversion rates

The impact of visual content on your conversion rate is not a myth. It’s a fact. According to statistics, embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%. It’s definitely not a small difference.
First off, adding a video to a landing page increases the time visitors spend on your site. Once you’ve piqued their interest with fun content, they’re also likely to be more motivated to browse the rest of your site.

4.Video is more fun and shareable

One of the main goals is to build brand awareness. The good news is that videos are perfect for this. Statistics say that people share videos 12 times more often than text and images combined.
Brands are taking this approach to a whole new level by creating personalized videos. This type of visual content is fun for your users and valuable to your brand.
A good option is instructional videos. You can focus on highlighting the benefits of your product or provide a handy tutorial on how to use it.
Another video style worth trying is the so-called talking head video. They are especially awesome in our post-COVID world because they almost feel like a face-to-face encounter.
Make videos exciting and maybe even provoke a few laughs. If you can do that, your audience will be happy to share it on their social media. When watching a video is fun, you want to share it, right?
Entertain and inform audiences and give them something worth sharing. The key is to express your creativity and create content that is unique and fun – and adds more personality to your brand.

5. Video Can Boost Your Site’s SEO

Did you know that 87% of video marketers said that using video increased their website traffic? That’s right! And that’s not the end of the SEO benefits that video brings!
For example, including videos on your landing page can help you increase time on site and reduce bounce rate. These factors are indirect indicators for Google that users find your content engaging and enjoy spending time on your site. That can boost your SEO efforts in the long run.
Another benefit of including videos on your brand’s website is that you have more opportunities to rank for featured snippets. But that’s not all — Google loves videos so much that it often ranks them higher than written content in the SERPs.
With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that so many marketers see video as the future of content marketing, especially since it can provide an excellent boost to your website’s SEO. one more reason to start recording!


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