Twitter’s engagement campaign is a great way to increase your audience’s activity and get more retweets, likes, and replies from a specific market. This campaign allows you to expand the reach of your content to relevant audiences on Twitter based on your business goals.
According to a report by Twitter and Research Now, 93% of people who follow small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) on Twitter plan to buy from the SMBs they follow.
While Twitter isn’t as big as Facebook or Instagram, the platform is still an incredible social media marketing channel to build a presence on.
Now that you understand the business potential of Twitter, let’s get down to the basics.

5 Reasons Why Twitter is Good for Business

1. Gain valuable customer insights

Twitter sees 6,000 tweets every second. This puts into perspective how actively people use it as a conversational platform. And for businesses too, these conversations are prove to be a valuable source of customer insights. Using Twitter can help you research trends and topics that interest your audience so you know how to reach them more effectively.

2. Build brand personality and awareness

How you craft your tweets and engage with your audience on Twitter is extremely effective in establishing your brand personality and building awareness.

One of the main advantages of Twitter for businesses is that you can quickly share information and start conversations with your target audience. In return, your audience would find your tweets and content valuable and ideally even share them with their followers.

Make sure you use a tone that fits your brand voice and personality. The types of conversations and topics you’re interested in and the tone of your tweets will help you attract an audience whose views align with yours. If you’re just starting out or need a refreshed strategy, Twitter recently released an Organic Tweet Starter Kit worksheet to help brands set their tone.

3. Deliver customer support and gather feedback

According to Rice, “The most progressive brands see Twitter as an important marketing, engagement, and market research medium that can provide valuable insights into every aspect of their business.”

And rightly so. The platform makes it easy for customers to reach out to brands and provide their feedback or ask for help. Brands can then use this as an opportunity not only to collect important feedback to improve their products, but also to provide their customers with the support they need.

Companies like Netflix have even set up their own Twitter account to offer support. The company offers support in multiple languages and locations around the world through this website.

4. Cultivate a brand community

Given the ease of conversation between brands and consumers, one of the key benefits of using Twitter is building and nurturing your brand community. Brands can use the platform to start and participate in relevant conversations, connect with their community and build a loyal following.

In fact, our #BrandsGetReal survey found that 55% of consumers want brands to help them connect with like-minded people on social media. And 36% expect brands to build communities that consumers can be a part of.

5. It is heaven for marketers

Twitter has a wealth of data about customers that your marketing team can easily access and benefit from. It can be a great benefit in creating targeted ads for various goals such as: Increase in downloads, increase in website visits, etc.

Twitter has everything marketers want from a social network. Because of its openness, you can start a conversation with anyone and view their profile and see if they fit your ideal customer persona.

60% of a brand’s followers are more likely to buy or recommend products after following the brand on Twitter. This stat shows just how powerful Twitter can be for your business. Twitter is not only a platform for you to interact with people, but also for your business to grow sales and grow your sales.


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