White Paper reveals ‘timing’ to be the key element in new business generation.

Changes in buyer behaviour and therefore the evolvement of the web mean businesses must adapt their sales and marketing strategies to be timed more effectively if they’re to win new customers – according B2B lead generation specialist Profunnel, which has created a fanatical white book on the difficulty .

With the progression of the web , buyers are ready to research products without the necessity to talk to sales advisors – meaning hot leads aren’t being generated. As a result, sales and marketing teams don’t know when or often the way to communicate effectively with potential customers, causing a drag for several companies. Implementing tailored lead generation software offers solutions to those issues, which companies got to be more conscious of .

Managing Director of Profunnel, Matt Hall, says: “Buying patterns have changed dramatically and this is often reflecting on sales productivity. Businesses plan to rectify things by spending an enormous budget driving traffic to the online , which does resolve the matter to an extent but still leaves a niche between visitors and converting them into qualified prospects.

“The problem comes right down to the very fact that sales people simply don’t have the specified information so as to understand the proper time to interact with an opportunity . Insight into visitor activity is crucial for targeting customers – newly developed B2B lead generation software can collate, analyse and feed back information to sales and marketing about when and where prospects make their visits. within the past it had been only possible to trace a visitor once before losing them, now they will be tagged, and every visit monitored, which may be a great advancement.”

Web forensics software identifies and alerts sales of specific visitor interests. the info allows businesses to interact with prospective customers through targeted email marketing at an appropriate time, taking under consideration the relevance to their interests.

The solution springs from an easy demand generation system, which gathers this critical information and assists marketing and sales to make sure that their messaging and timing is completely right. The results will improve conversion rates while time spent chasing cold leads will significantly reduce.

“Lead generation software is hugely beneficial for business-to-business development and instantly shifts focus, concentrating only on prospective customers through its intelligent processes,” adds Matt. “Visitors are tagged, tracked and monitored, continually feeding sales with more and more information regarding their interests, which improves online lead generation. Combined with a lead rating system which can rank visitors by their behaviour, it means sales will have a continuing list of strong prospects to nurture and target at the proper time.”

Profunnel’s white book on the importance of ‘timing’ and lead generation software is out there for free of charge download here.


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