StrikeTru, the advanced administrations firm for coordinated and exhaustive item information the board arrangements, along with its accomplice Vesta eCommerce, reported today that PK Safety has gone live with another PIM framework to build its online deals, smooth out its BigCommerce online store, and future confirmation their business for later.

The goal was to transform the way PK Safety ingested product data from vendors. This information is presented in many different forms, so smoothing and harmonizing the flow was very important.

“To help reimagine this aspect of our ecommerce business we needed an experienced partner to help navigate the challenges and opportunities as we accelerated our digital initiatives.”

“Vesta’s grasp of our complex industrial safety product data and ability to create complex data normalization rules, combined with StrikeTru’s affordable smallPIM and pre-built Akeneo to BigCommerce connector made them the right choice to help scale our product assortment, improve our performance in the short term, and to ensure our transformation is sustainable over time.” Rick Pedley, CEO at PK Safety, said about the project.

The digital transformation solution for PK Safety was led by Vesta eCommerce, whose specialty is data cleansing and mapping. The Vesta technology transformed the existing product data into the optimal format and structure for the Akeneo PIM. Once the PIM was fully configured and populated, the products were synced back through to the BigCommerce store via StrikeTru’s Akeneo PIM Connector for BigCommerce.

“Working with the team at PK Safety and StrikeTru has been a great example of how bringing together several market leading solutions can create a powerful single source of truth product data solution for an industry with complex data structures” said Charles Nicolson, Founder at Vesta eCommerce.

Going forward, PK Safety will continue to collect their vendor product data and updates through the Vesta platform, cleansing and preparing the data before it is loaded into the Akeneo PIM. This will ensure high data integrity and accuracy will be maintained automatically over time. The automation of these processes is enabling PK Safety to onboard and comfortably manage more products in their catalog, offering their customers a larger range.

With this rollout, PK Safety will see:

Simplified migration and sync due to data being harmonized in Akeneo PIM
Advanced data collection, data management & data synchronization efficiencies
Reduced reliance on manual processes, enabling more streamlined workflows across the product data management lifecycle
Improved operational efficiency, speed-to-market, and better performance
The ability to expand and evolve as the business grows
Better customer experiences

Through their “PIM in a Box ” offering, StrikeTru simplifies the adoption of PIM for ecommerce with an accelerated approach to deployment, combining affordable PIM software with end-to-end implementation using best practices synthesized from numerous PIM implementations.

“Enhancing product data management capabilities is of pivotal relevance to every online seller. We are proud to have delivered a turnkey solution comprising the right technology and best practices for PK Safety to meet its future goals.” said Vik Gundoju, Partner at StrikeTru.


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