The SER Group was one of 14 vendors evaluated by Forrester Research based on a set of 25 objective criteria. It received the full score of 5 out of 5 points in 10 criteria including “Document Management”, “Digital Process Automation”, “Integrations & Interoperability”, “Support for Team or Project Workspaces”, “Packaged Applications” and “Search”. According to the evaluation scale, a full score indicates that the vendor provides superior capabilities relative to others included in this evaluation.

The Forrester report states, “As the flagship product from SER Group, Doxis4 continues to evolve its low-code app design and development capabilities, embed native AI and ML capabilities, and accelerate its vertical strategy with a growing set of solution templates for common use cases.”

Dr. Gregor Joeris, CTO of the SER Group, comments, “With over 40 ready-to-run solutions, our strategy is geared towards enabling a faster time-to-market for organizations. Embedded with AI capabilities, these solutions give customers greater operational flexibility, better insights, and improved productivity. We know that a pragmatic use-case oriented approach built on a visionary technological foundation is crucial for digital transformation.”

Morad Rhlid, Managing Director of SER Solutions International, adds: “It is our mission to ensure that our customers have the digital dexterity they need to meet the needs of the next normal. Doxis4 as an intelligent information hub plays a central role in this. Meaning, it brings together information from various systems and places it in the right context to empower people, support decision-making and speed up workflows throughout the organization.”

The Forrester Wave is based on independent research and rigorous inclusion criteria. It is designed to help enterprise decision-makers understand and shortlist vendors of the content platform market. Full and complimentary access to the The Forrester Wave™: Content Platforms, Q2 2021 report and its evaluations of all 14 vendors can be found here.


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