Investis Digital, a leading global digital communications company, announced the release of its 2021 report on how companies can build deeper connections and drive business performance titled How to Build a Trusted Brand with the 4Rs. The report focuses on the four prongs of business resilience:

  • Responsibility. Demonstrating a high standard of corporate citizenship in all areas and with all stakeholder groups.
  • Reputation. Building a legacy of trust that proactively protects the brand and resonates with all stakeholders.
  • Recruitment. Recognizing the emphasis on employees’ holistic well-being, DEI, and what the next generation of talent expects of the workplace.
  • Reach. Cutting through the digital clutter to connect with target audiences and, in the process, highlighting comms’ unique bottom-line value.

Leveraging data from the company’s 2021, Global 100 Connect.IQ study which evaluated 1000 corporate websites and stacked the Top 100 to evaluate how well they share their brand narrative in a digital-first world, the report highlights that 60% of the general population demanded that companies take a stand to publicly speak out against racial injustice along with their diversity and inclusion efforts.

“We are living in a world where words must and should be followed up by actions. Taking stock of your commitment to your CSR and ESG efforts is not only about building trust, long-term loyalty or boosting shareholder value, it is about creating a sustainable future and an integrated framework to advance data-driven solutions”, said Don ScalesGlobal CEO. “Articulating your focus on ESG themes from solutions, reporting, finance and purpose-led polices will showcase how you are inspiring confidence and empowering change.”

Coupled with the company’s proprietary approach known as Connected Content, Investis Digital helps companies master the four areas of connecting with their audiences by demonstrating a high standard of corporate citizenship, building trust that protects a brand’s reputation, recognizing and attracting innovative talent, and leveraging metrics to examine value and site performance.

The report provides a playbook for business leaders on how they can navigate converging forces of change to consumers, investors, employees, partners, suppliers, and the public as a whole—as people decide where they are going to invest their time and money. Featuring four case studies highlighting some of the world’s most ambitious brands, the 4Rs report shares how to build trust in a post-pandemic age by aligning strategies to effectively roll out corporate comms, marketing, HR and finance initiatives.


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