MeritB2B, the leading provider of B2B data and performance marketing solutions, announced the results of their work with client Gigamon, which delivers complete visibility, security, and analytics for hybrid cloud network traffic. MeritB2B helped Gigamon achieve their Q4 ABM lead goals, improving their top-of-funnel program and delivering an 80 percent reduction in Cost Per Lead in Q4 2021.

“We had a lofty goal to dramatically improve the scale and reduce the cost of our ABM program at the same time. MeritB2B really came through with a solution that worked quickly, but that also lays the groundwork for long-term success,” said Marina Lemas, Integrated Demand Marketing at Gigamon. “The benefits from Q4 are just going to continue. MeritB2B is helping us create a more efficient funnel with quality conversions to the pipeline. They understand current market conditions and guide us through the process with modern B2B marketing models.”

After a review of several B2B marketing offerings in the market, Gigamon recognized that the MeritB2B ABM Solution would empower them to execute and scale the most effective B2B ABM programs, by providing the best tech and data as a complete managed solution.

After a review of Gigamon’s goals and current marketing approach, MeritB2B leveraged their OmniChannelBASE B2B contact and intelligence database component of their industry-leading ABM solution. MeritB2B created custom multi-channel audiences aligned to Gigamon’s ABM list and target personas to reach more net new contacts within key accounts as well as additional email campaigns to engaged audiences.

Working with MeritB2B, Gigamon experienced:

  • 80% reduction in cost per lead from ICP accounts
  • 90% net new names coming into our database from ICP accounts
  • 40% increase in click-through rate on our programmatic display media
  • 40% decrease in cost-per-visit to our website from ICP accounts

“The Gigamon team had difficult ABM goals in front of them, but together, we were able to implement a robust solution that targeted their ICP accounts with a top-to-bottom strategy to drive more qualified leads at a lower cost than what they had gotten in the past. This approach provides a great foundation for Gigamon to continuously test and improve on their strategy and we’re excited to partner with them on that journey,” said Eric Newell, Vice President, Strategy and Customer Success at MeritB2B.


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