Greenfly is one of the most recognizable names among athletes,” said Paul, “but its application and impact extends far beyond the court or field. Greenfly simplifies digital media creation and distribution through a single platform and app, which makes it incredibly easy for organizations to work with any ambassador—whether they’re an NBA player, superfan, influencer or volunteer—to share their authentic passion and affiliation to the brands and causes they love.”

Paul has experienced Greenfly’s impact firsthand as an early adopter, ambassador for the Chris Paul Family Foundation and Social Change Fund, and as former President of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA). “It’s incredible to come full circle from ambassador to partner and join Greenfly in maximizing brand-building capabilities and audience engagement through the power of digital media.”

Greenfly was founded by former Major League Baseball All-Star Shawn Green and Daniel Kirschner, who has held senior legal roles at the U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Communications Commission and Activision Blizzard. The two drew inspiration from the business of baseball and the rise of social media to create a platform that drives new sources of revenue for organizations through the real-time distribution of original short-form media to individuals and groups of any size.

Green and Kirschner envisioned a world where word-of-mouth endorsement on social media platforms is the best form of advertising, and distributing media to broadcast rights holders, sponsors, and partners, ambassadors and athletes effectively creates a legion of promotional partners.

“Greenfly’s platform is a private media collaboration network for just about any organization. It’s flexible enough for teams looking to amplify storytelling and share brand experiences through their athletes, ambassadors, influencers or advocates,” said Green. “Our earliest iteration solved for the fragmented system I experienced between sports photographers and players who rely on real-time, organic content to build their personal brands. For athletes like Chris Paul, Greenfly has become their media lifeline. It has given him a continuous feed of photos and videos of him on the court he can share on his social media channels without IP infringement. Posting better content more often, he has been able to grow his personal brand, as well as strengthen that of the brands and organizations that Paul works with.”


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